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(A) We Defend in All 21 Counties in New Jersey
(B) My Win Rate of DWI & MV Charge
(C) Sample Winning Cases of DWI & Other MV Cases
(D) Dare To Compare


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International Clients

(B) Criminal Charge
(C) Bail
(D) Some Examples of How Convictions Affect Immigration Status
(E) If You Already Have a Prior Conviction

Motor Vehicle (MV) Charges in New Jersey

(A) Not To Have Automobile Liability Insurance Is A Very Serious Offense
(B) My win rate of Defending ?No Insurance charge? is 100%
(C) Point System in New Jersey
(D)Various MV Charges
(E) Possible Consequences of MV charges


Convicted? How To Reverse It

?Chun? Stay or ?Conditional Plea?: Effect From Supreme Court Litigation
Post Conviction Relief
(B) MV Charges
Post Conviction Relief

DWI Laws in New Jersey

(A) New Jersey DWI Overview
(B) Which Instrument Were You Tested?
(C) Did You Do Any Test On The Road?
(D) Evidence Used in Court
(E) License Loss & Jail on DWI Conviction(Licenseloss)
(F) If You Are a Non-US Citizen(Nonuscitizen)
(G) Immigration Consequences For Int?l Clients(Immigrationconseq)
(H) How Your Case Proceeds(Caseproceeds)
(I) 10 Things To Do When Arrested for DWI (10Things)

About Law Office Of Bartholomew Baffuto- New Jersey?s Top DWI Attorney

(A) Law Office Of Bartholomew Baffuto
A-1. Fields of Expertise/ Regions Covered
A-2. Most of My Clients Are Former Clients or Come From Referrals
A-3. ?The Lawyers? Lawyer?
A-4. We Do Not Give Up
A-5. Loyal To Clients
A-6. Innovative Defense Strategy/ Discussion of Use of Statistics

(B) Who Is Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq. ?
B-1. Former Prosecutor Is Now On Defense Side
B-2. ?Brilliant? Strategist As A Supreme Court DWI Defense Attorney
B-3. Educational Backgrounds
(C) Comments From My Clients
(D) Articles
(E) Hiring/ Apply for a position

State v. Chun, et al.: New Jersey Supreme Court DWI Case

(A) ?Chun? Litigation As A Landmark of New Jersey Law
(B) I Created The Strategy For The Defense Team
(C) The Alcotest 7110 Is Defensible
(D)Do Not Give Up On An Alcotest 7110 Case
(E)If You Already Entered ?Conditional Plea?
(F)Inside Stories Of ?Chun? Litigation (F1-F7)
(G) Expert Witness List
(H) Findings from ?Chun?

Selecting An Attorney

(A) Educate Yourself about the Legal System
(B) Attorney for Your Best DWI Defense
(C) Non-US Citizens Should Know Immigration Consequences
(D) Dos and Don?ts In Selecting An Attorney
(E) Costs of DWI Conviction in New Jersey


Going To Court

(A) Your Attorney Will Communicate On Your Behalf
(B) Organize All Documents
(C) Never Miss A Court Date
(D) What To Bring
(E) Dress Appropriate
(F) Be On Time
(G) Courtroom Behavior
(H) After Trial
(I) New Jersey Court Lists

I-1. New Jersey Municipal Courts
I-2. New Jersey Superior Courts

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