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State v. Chun, et al.: New Jersey Supreme Court DWI Case
One way to be a smart consumer is to educate yourself about services that you are receiving. This is true for legal services including drunk driving defense. Do you know that only seven DWI defense attorneys in the entire State of New Jersey, including myself, were fighting for all New Jersey drivers in the New Jersey Supreme Court? This is the most important DWI Supreme Court Case in NJ in the last 17 years. I created the defense strategy for this litigation. This issue in the case is to compel the State to produce evidence to support New Jersey’s claim that the new alcohol detection machine is scientifically reliable. If you were tested on this new machine and were convicted, you have the right to have your case reviewed. Contact this office about any DWI case. Unless there is a compelling reason, I do not plead my clients guilty. Even though you were already convicted with the new machine, there may be something I can do because you are affected by this litigation. See Convicted? How To Reverse It (Developer: Please link to IV. Convicted? How to Reverse It) if you would like to find out your options . As an attorney who is actively involved in this Supreme Court DWI case, I am proud to tell you more about this litigation and possible options for you.