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DWI Laws in New Jersey

In this section, I will explain an overview of drunk driving law in New Jersey. For your convenience, I have divided the sections by topic. This section aims to give an idea on how one?s DWI case would proceed and the possible consequences in the event of conviction. As you will see, if you are a non-US citizen (green card, working visa, student visa, or illegal, etc.), there are strong reasons that I highly recommend consulting this office immediately. This office defends international clients in consultation with an immigration attorney. We will do our best to protect your future life in the U.S. Visit International Clients to learn more about your legal rights as a non-US citizen.

A. New Jersey DWI Overview
B. Which Instrument Were You Tested?
C. Did You Do Any Test On The Road?
D. Evidence Used in Court
E. License Loss & Jail on DWI Conviction
F. If You Are a Non-US Citizen
G. Immigration Consequences For Int?l Clients
H. How Your Case Proceeds
I. 10 Things To Do When Arrested for DWI