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Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq. can be your business attorney in New Jersey. (Litigation; Negotiation; Representation in Zoning, Regulatory and Environmental Enforcement)

Old-economy New Jersey businesses that make things and break things, e.g., automobile body repair shops, automobile and metal salvage yards, cement suppliers, local manufacturers, etc.—especially those in northern, urban counties such as Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic—regularly face challenges and threats from enforcement actions under modern environmental and zoning laws and regulations. Many long-established New Jersey businesses in urban areas are challenged to satisfy modern environmental and zoning requirements not even thought of when such businesses were set up. Attorney Baffuto has protected and saved such businesses. He can represent your business. Examples of some past cases are described below.

Case Criminal, or DWI, DUI Charges Results* Location
1 As a business attorney in New Jersey, we defended environmental regulation The entire prosecution was dismissed New Jersey
2 As a criminal defense and business attorney in New Jersey, we defended criminal charges against trucking company Dismissed George Washington Bridge, NJ
3 Business negotiation Resolved without litigation or settlement New Jersey
Case 1

Facing Business Closure due to Environmental Enforcement

Client owns an automobile body repair shop in an urban location. A body shop has operated continuously on that location for over fifty years. The client was facing a crisis in confronting the possible closure of the business because of over-zealous and vindictive targeted mis-enforcement of town environmental laws and penalties.

The business was prosecuted in the local municipal court. Conviction on the charges could have closed the business. The owner sought out a business lawyer in New Jersey with the knowledge of an experienced business attorney in New Jersey and the trial skills of a fighting New Jersey criminal lawyer for the defense in NJ. That is Attorney Baffuto. The entire prosecution was dismissed when that criminal defense attorney NJ compelled the prosecutor to admit that the town’s environmental regulations had not been submitted for review to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and that State environmental laws preempted the town ordinances and made town enforcement action illegal. Attorney Baffuto then worked with the client and a consultant to update the client’s body shop for cost-effective compliance with State regulations.

The client is in business and has faced no further environmental enforcement. The best of New Jersey criminal defense lawyers such as Attorney Baffuto take great satisfaction in making such a positive difference for clients.

Case 2

Criminal Charges against Trucking Company and Immigration Enforcement

Client is a legal permanent resident (green card) of the US. Client owns and operates a small trucking business. Client faced criminal charges of evading a toll on the George Washington Bridge, NJ and with theft. Those laws allegedly violated carry severe fines and penalties under New Jersey law. Attorney Baffuto secured dismissal of those criminal charges which could have triggered immigration enforcement and jeopardized the client’s eligibility to remain in the U.S.

The client’s company and driver were charged with civil and criminal environmental laws and offenses for allegedly dumping contaminants. The client knew he had to go with a savvy business attorney in New Jersey that also combined the fighting instincts and knowledge of a brawling New Jersey criminal lawyer. Attorney Baffuto secured dismissal of charges against the driver and the company pled guilty only to violating a township ordinance. Among New Jersey criminal defense lawyers such a result is considered outstanding.

Case 3

Solving Business Dispute without Litigation or Settlement Payment

Attorney Baffuto can be your business attorney in New Jersey. For example, that distinguished business attorney in New Jersey advised a business client—a small manufacturing company headquartered in Japan—on negotiation and response to allegations by a former employee of discrimination and ERISA violations. Attorney Baffuto’s defining of the client’s position and effective communication resolved the dispute without litigation or settlement payment.

*There is no guarantee of a successful outcome in any particular case. Each case is different. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.