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State v. Chun, et al.: New Jersey Supreme Court DWI Case

“Chun” Litigation As A Landmark of New Jersey Law

This Supreme Court litigation is titled “State v. Chun, et al.”, Docket Number 58,879. Attorneys who highly concentrate their practice in the area of drunk-driving defense were selected to litigate a consolidated case in September 2005 and they appeared in front of the Special Master, Hon. Michael P. King, P.J.A.D. Many people in New Jersey refer to this case as the “Chun case”. This case is a so-called “Frye hearing”, in which scientific issues are the focus of the argument. Seven defense attorneys in the entire state who practice DWI defense are challenging State of New Jersey to prove the scientific reliability of a new breath alcohol machine, the Alcotest 7110 MK-III. Because these defense attorneys fought so well for such a long time, they have created and know issues about this new machine that have not yet become generally known by most attorneys in the state. I am honored to have created the defense strategy for the seven defense attorneys fighting for all New Jersey drivers. Click here to see the newspaper article by New Jersey Law Journal about my contribution in this litigation .

Since this litigation is so influential, “Chun” will probably be the landmark New Jersey DWI case for many years. I am honored to have had this responsibility in such an important case.