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State BrAC Results
NJ 0.23 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.21 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.09 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.09 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.12 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.16 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.09 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.04 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.08 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ Drug Case Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.11 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.07 Not Guilty on DWI
NJ Drug Case Not Guilty on DWI
NJ 0.19 (Blood Case) Not Guilty on DWI
NJ Drug Case Not Guilty on DWI

Please note that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome in any particular case. Each case is different. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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Mr. Bartholomew Baffuto
Best Trial Rate DWI Defense Attorney NJ
To See is To Believe.
One way to understand Mr. Baffuto’s exceptionally high-quality work is to see his previous performance. Here are some sample winning cases achieved by Mr. Baffuto, DUI attorney in New Jersey. Effective DWI defense requires bringing to bear not only legal strategy but also in-depth technical knowledge. Even after New Jersey introduced breath testing on the Alcotest 7110, which is considered to be problematic to defend against, as a leading DUI attorney in New Jersey Mr. Baffuto continues winning DWI cases for his clients all over the state.

Mr. Baffuto is a renowned attorney based in Toms River, New Jersey, also specializing in criminal defense and domestic violence cases.

  • New Jersey DWI DUI Lawyer
  • NJ Supreme Courte DWI Attorney (S v. chun et al.)
  • Former Prosecutor in Irvington

We care about clients. Let the numbers prove it.

Successful DWI Cases In NJ
Client is a citizen of another country sponsored by his company to work in New Jersey. Upon arrival, the client found housing on the west side of Jersey City.

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Business Law
Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq. can be your business attorney in New Jersey. Litigation; Negotiation; Representation in Zoning, Regulatory and Environmental Enforcement.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer NJ
A representative example is that of a client that found himself being arrested and charged with criminal offenses relating to alleged domestic violence and subjected to a restraining order.

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Criminal Charges
Leading Criminal Defense Attorney in New Jersey (NJ) Former Prosecutor in Irvington, Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq., Defends All Criminal Charges in New Jersey.

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How To Beat A DUI In NJ. Fight! Best Trial Rate New Jersey DWI Lawyer / DUI Lawyer

As a DUI attorney NJ, we are proud of our record. Defending DWI charges requires great knowledge, strategy, experience, negotiation skills, and patience. WE DO NOT TELL OUR CLIENTS TO PLEAD GUILTY. WHEN YOU DECIDE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. Although there is no guarantee of a successful result, we care about clients and we will do our best. THE EXPERIENCE TELLS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING.

Alcotest Hearings To Be Long Haul

Great Contribution to a Supreme Court DWI case

One of Mr. Baffuto’s significant contributions as a DWI attorney is his active involvement in this landmark New Jersey Supreme Court case, where attorneys are challenging the State to prove the scientific reliability of a new breath alcohol machine (State v. Chun et al). Click here to see the news article by New Jersey Law Journal dated September 25, 2006.

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We care about clients. Let the numbers prove it.

Getting a motor vehicle ticket, or getting arrested on DWI or criminal charges can be very stressful and frightening. Having a conviction for serious charges can significantly affect your life. It can sometimes ruin your life. But you should be aware that being arrested is different than being convicted. You need an experienced, talented, patient lawyer that cares about clients.

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Being arrested on a DUI charge can be a traumatic experience and no one would want to go through that ordeal alone. A lawyer with deep experience.

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12 Jul, 2024

You never believed it could happen to you, but one night you’re driving home and you get pulled over. A DUI in New Jersey is no small matter.

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Sometimes the defendant really is a bad guy who deserves to go to jail and sometimes it is a circumstance of ‘wrong time/wrong place’.

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10 Jun, 2024

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Frequently Ask Questions
Q. Can you tell me more about the new defense invented by your office? How is it important to the defense of my case?

A. This office has been continuously working on mathematical and statistical analyses with a statistician to develop new defenses. In defending against results from a newly introduced instrument, the Alcotest 7110 in New Jersey, defense DWI attorneys in New Jersey need to have technical knowledge. Our statistical consultant has been assisting this office since the Alcotest litigation in State v. Chun, et al.

Q. What is the significance of that?

A. In prosecuting a DWI case, there are mainly two types of evidence: 1) breath readings and 2) observation evidence. The very first thing (and also probably the most challenging thing) in defending a DWI charge is to exclude the breath result from evidence. With our discovery, this office succeeded in proving to trial courts non-compliance of the instrument with the Supreme Court requirements. Because of this, breath readings were excluded from evidence. That means, a first offender in New Jersey with a breath test result of 0.12, for instance, instead of losing a license for 7 to 12 months, he or she would have lost their driving privilege only for 3 months. As you see, defending a DWI charge requires technical knowledge. Mr. Baffuto’s knowledge of the Alcotest and extensive DWI defense experience have enabled him to exclude breath readings from evidence.

Q. Is there any defense to DWI? Other attorneys throughout New Jersey told me that there is not much I can do.

A. Of course there are many defenses to DWI charges in New Jersey. You probably did not find the right DUI lawyers NJ to defend your DWI case. Drunk driving defense is a complex and technical field in which, in my opinion, an attorney must concentrate. Of course, there are many DUI defenses and I use everything I gained as a top DWI attorney to defend my clients. Now that you see my winning cases, you see the benefits of retaining an attorney to fight your case. You have to remember that the best scenario can happen only when you hire the right DUI lawyer in New Jersey. You have to see to believe it. Go to "Sample Winning Cases of DWI &Other MV Cases" to see actual winning cases.

Q. I want to fight my DWI charge. How do I choose the right New Jersey DUI lawyer?

A. You should choose an attorney based on your legal needs. If you want to fight your case and get the best possible result, you should choose DUI lawyers in NJ who will fight for you. Some lawyers may say, "there is not much you can do about DWI. I will charge you reasonable fees and I will get you the minimum penalties." If the lawyer cannot tell you what she or he can do for potential clients, in my opinion, you cannot expect much from that lawyer. If you are a non-US citizen, your immigration status may be an issue. This office tailors defenses for international clients in consultation with an immigration attorney to protect their future status in America. If your immigration status can be an issue, you should choose best DUI lawyer in NJ who knows your issues. If you are non-US citizen, read "Non-US Citizens Should Know Immigration Consequences" " Chun" attorneys may be a good idea if you would like to have some objective way to screen attorneys besides "win rates". Needless to say, I am the "Chun" attorney who formulated the strategy for the entire defense. There are only seven defense attorneys in the entire state involved in the New Jersey DWI Supreme Court case named, State v. Chun et al. Through this litigation, these attorneys did an enormous amount of research, preparation of cross-examination of State's expert witnesses, and learned about the machine in depth. I am the right DWI attorney for you. Go to: "State v. Chun, et al.: New Jersey Supreme Court DWI Case" to learn more about this influential litigation. It is your decision to choose the right DWI lawyer in New Jersey. Go to "Selecting An Attorney" to fully educate yourself.