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About The Law Office Of B. Baffuto -- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

B. Who Is Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq.?

B-3. Background

Since I graduated from Rutgers University, School of Law, Camden, New Jersey in 1990, I have been practicing law in the State of New Jersey more than 15 years. I have a winning published DWI Appellate Division case (State v. Farrell), which is also the modern seminal New Jersey municipal court case on speedy trial law. Even after being recognized as a New Jersey?s top DWI attorney statewide through the New Jersey Supreme Court DWI litigation (State v. Chun, et al.), I continually review current scientific and legal alcohol research. In addition, I am currently working on projects with a statistician to develop new DWI defenses. I have defended many clients successfully over years and will keep up with the best defense available and cutting edge legal knowledge.

Reflecting the growing needs of New Jersey?s international population, I defend my international clients in consultation with an immigration attorney. I am one of the few attorneys in New Jersey who works with an immigration attorney for international clients to protect their future life in the US.