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License Loss & Jail on DWI

As one can easily imagine, the associated fines and other penalties of a DWI conviction in New Jersey are so severe that it can negatively impact one's life.

If your occupation requires driving, you may lose your job as a consequence of license suspension. If you go to jail for a while, you may lose a relationship with your loved one. If you want to fight for your legal rights, I am the right DWI attorney in New Jersey.

Here is a table for the period of license loss and jail time when you are convicted for DWI in New Jersey.

License Loss
1st offender (0.08 = BrAC < 0.10) 3 months Up to 30 days
1st offender (BrAC = 0.10) 7-12 months Up to 30 days
2nd offender 2 years Up to 90 days
3rd offender 10 years Mandatory 180 days

One should note that the penalties and fines are determined by a court. There is also an IDRC (alcohol class) attendance for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and subsequent offenders. Also, community service is required for 2nd offenders.