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About The Law Office Of B. Baffuto -- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

Law Office Of Bartholomew Baffuto-- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

“The Lawyers’ Lawyer”

I am known as “the lawyers’ lawyer”. Other lawyers introduce or refer their potential clients to me as “the guy to talk to” when the law firm gets an inquiry about DWI. I am also known as an aggressive researcher on the legal as well as scientific issues of alcohol detecting instruments. My colleagues know me as “the aggressive attorney who stands up for his clients.” In the lawyers’ highly competitive market, you can imagine how impressive and capable I am for other law firms to refer their potential clients to me. When you see how I fight in court for a client’s legal rights, you will understand what other lawyers mean. As a matter of fact, I have had many defendants who saw me in court and retained me after seeing me argue a case. I am also a DWI consultant for New Jersey attorneys. Many lawyers ask me DWI defense issues and questions. Drunk-driving defense is one of the most difficult areas of law in the State of New Jersey due to complexity of legal issues and the highly technical nature of the science and technology of breath and blood testing. I have become “the lawyers’ lawyer” on experience, ability, and reputation.