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Jersey City DWI Lawyer, Bartholomew Baffuto, is proud to present what we have achieved for our clients defense, in Jersey City, New Jersey

Case Criminal, or DWI, DUI Charges Results* Location
1 Resisting Arrest, Possession of a crack pipe, drug distribution and conspiracy (Criminal Charge in Jersey City) Dismissed Jersey City, NJ
2 New Jersey DWI
(Jersey City DWI)
Not Guilty Jersey City, New Jersey
Case 1

Criminal Case in Jersey City, NJ: Resisting Arrest, Possessing a crack pipe, and drug distribution and conspiracy

Client is a citizen of another country sponsored by his company to work in New Jersey. Upon arrival the client found housing on the west side of Jersey City.

Soon after arriving from his country, the client was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, possessing a crack pipe, and with being part of a drug ring.

The client’s supervisor knows Attorney Baffuto as a sharp business attorney in New Jersey that also possesses formidable experience and reputation as a smart and tough New Jersey criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Baffuto, a Hudson County native, was immediately thought of as the criminal defense attorney in Jersey City.

Lawyer Baffuto, criminal attorney Jersey City, investigated and developed the following information. After sunset, the client was on his way to a food store and unknowingly walked into a stakeout by a plain clothes drug task force which devolved into pursuit of several suspected dealers. My client ran from the shouting men running with pistols in hand. My client feared being robbed, and he ran and was tackled to the ground.

Attorney Baffuto, criminal defense attorney Jersey City, determined that drug vials and a crack pipe littered the sidewalk and the police thought the client dropped the pipe.

Through the efforts of Lawyer Baffuto, criminal attorney Jersey City, the truth came out. As a result, the charges were dismissed, the client was freed, and his immigration status and opportunities in America were saved. Mr. Baffuto, criminal defense attorney Jersey City, takes great satisfaction in an acquittal for an innocent client, as would any decent New Jersey criminal defense lawyer.

Case 2

Multiple DUI charge (NJ) dismissal for client in Jersey City

Hudson County is proudly represented in the landmark NJ Supreme Court DWI case, State v. Chun, et al. , 194 N.J. 54 (2008) by Bartholomew Baffuto, Jersey City DWI lawyer. Mr. Baffuto, criminal defense attorney NJ, is acknowledged as the defense team strategist in those critical Supreme Court evidentiary hearings on the Alcotest machine. This Jersey City DWI lawyer was humbled and gratified at the recognition by his colleagues.

Experience has taught this Jersey City DWI lawyer that a top NJ DWI lawyer makes for a very good criminal defense attorney NJ, but that the reverse is usually not true when criminal trial attorneys defend DUI charges in NJ.

As an example, one client defended by Bartholomew Baffuto, NJ criminal attorney, in Jersey City was a multiple DUI NJ offender. Attorney Baffuto, Jersey City DWI lawyer, succeeded in having the multiple offense DUI NJ charge dismissed.


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With great passion and dedication, Criminal Attorney Jersey City, Bartholomew Baffuto, stands up for his clients to the fullest. Attorney Baffuto defends clients’ criminal charges in both Jersey City Municipal Court and in the Hudson County Courthouse in Jersey City, NJ.

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If you are a non-US citizen (green card, visa holder) and get arrested in New Jersey, please read this page. Certain convictions can affect one’s immigration status in the U.S.

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*There is no guarantee of a successful outcome in any particular case. Each case is different. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.