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About The Law Office Of B. Baffuto -- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

Who Is Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq.?

My reputation and credibility as a DWI attorney in New Jersey are solid. I formulated the defense team strategy for the New Jersey Supreme Court case State v. Chun, et al. and led the defense on certain key issues. I am also known as "the lawyers" lawyer? as attorneys have asked me to represent them, and attorneys from all over New Jersey call or consult me on various DWI/DUI legal issues or questions.

As you see from my sample winning DWI cases, I fight hard and well for my clients. I do not give up unless there is a compelling reason or my clients tell me to do so. My experience as a former municipal prosecutor serves well in every fight for my clients. Many of my clients come back to me. Some clients came back, or referred other people, because of their satisfaction with the level of legal representation provided. I cannot guarantee a successful result in any particular case, but my knowledge and experience as a DWI-DUI attorney can be depended on. Both former and currents clients understand how thoroughly and zealously I fight for my clients.