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Leading Criminal Defense Attorney in New Jersey (NJ) Former Prosecutor in Irvington, Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq., Defends All Criminal Charges in New Jersey.

Case Criminal, or DWI, DUI Charges Results* Location
1 Federal Criminal Prosecution Insurance Fraud, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy Kept the client out of prison. Dismissed and plea to one count. Probation. Restitution negotiated from six figures to $1300 payable by installments without interest. Newark, NJ
2 Cocaine Distribution and Conspiracy (non-US citizen; applying for a green card) Dismissed
(immigration status protected)
New Jersey
Case 1

Federal Criminal Case— Newark, NJ

(Mail Fraud; Wire Fraud; Conspiracy; Insurance Fraud)


Client was an employee of a contractor. The contractor and a licensed public adjuster conspired with home owners to file insurance claims for flood damage, employing theft by fraud to finance repairs and renovations.

The client was arrested at six in the morning in a raid at his home, and he said to his family: call Bart Baffuto, the NJ criminal defense attorney.

Alone among the four criminal defense lawyers in NJ, Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq. won a critical pre-trial motion that kept his client out of prison and reduced restitution from a demanded six figures down to $1,300.

Case 2

Cocaine Distribution and Conspiracy— New Jersey

(State Crimes by a non-US citizen; applying for a green card)


The client was working for a small business which turned out to be a front for drug dealing.

Client had an application pending for permanent residency (green card) and was arrested and charged with cocaine distribution and conspiracy.

The client’s family attorney referred the case to Bartholomew Baffuto who is well known among lawyers. As a New Jersey criminal defense attorney he is unusually knowledgeable about immigration law.

The client retained Attorney Baffuto as his criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey.

Attorney Baffuto was able to save the client’s good standing and eligibility for a green card. Bartholomew Baffuto, criminal defense attorney NJ, resolved the case so that the client was not convicted of any drug-related charges.

Life in modern society is complicated and there are many ways to run afoul of laws, regulations, and financial obligations. Anyone can find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey. It could happen because someone drank too much, was stressed to the maximum, or made a choice in the heat of the moment that now requires legal assistance. When such misfortune happens, your first call MUST be to the best law firm among NJ criminal trial attorneys. You must have top legal counsel right from the beginning.

Finding top quality New Jersey (NJ) law firms with criminal defense lawyers is not difficult but it is all-important that the firm you choose has a past record of success. You can choose among defense lawyers based on reputation and how you feel about an attorney’s commitment to you as the client. Having a qualified NJ defense attorney means that he understands the laws of the state and how to help make those work in your favor instead of against you. Even if you are charged with having committed a criminal offense there is still a possibility to defeat the State’s case completely or to minimize a sentence. Your lawyer must have the experience to back up their claims and the passion to make it happen.

There are several qualities to look for when deciding which law firm to work with, and that includes screening criminal defense lawyers for those that have years of experience and a record of success as qualifications. Equally important is a reputation for fighting for their clients no matter what the odds might be. Whether it is something as simple as a New Jersey traffic violation or as serious as an arrest on DWI or criminal charges, you need to decide which defense lawyer will represent you.

Trust your case to Bartholomew Baffuto, Esquire who, among New Jersey criminal defense attorneys, has an established reputation as a formidable legal strategist that is passionate about trial work and fiercely loyal to his clients.

*There is no guarantee of a successful outcome in any particular case. Each case is different. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.