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Law Office Of Bartholomew Baffuto-- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

We Do Not Give Up

The New Jersey administrative rule is that the DWI cases be resolved within sixty (60) days. When you are a defendant, time is your friend. That means, as more time goes by, the case often becomes more favorable for you. The police officer who arrested you may have dimmer memory about your arrest. The cases incoming to the court may be overwhelming to the prosecutor. I do not believe in pleading clients guilty quickly. I usually fight more than six (6) months for my DWI cases. Unless there is a compelling reason (exposure on criminal charges from a motor vehicle accident, e.g.), I do not advise my clients to plead guilty. I fight. I do not tell my clients to plead guilty unless there is a good strategic reason to do so (the client faces jail exposure if we try the case, etc.).

It is usual for me to fight a DWI case over a year. I often go back to court many times on the same case. When I have to go back to court so many times, as you would imagine, my office's short-term business interest apparently gets hurt. My resources are limited just like yours. But I want to emphasize that I DO NOT RUSH TO CLOSE THE CASE BY PLEADING MY CLIENTS GUILTY. I defend cases so as to give my clients the best chance, and that has become my reputation. If you want to fight for your rights, you need an attorney who has patience, skills, great knowledge and experience. I am sure that I can be of help.