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About The Law Office Of B. Baffuto -- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

Law Office Of Bartholomew Baffuto-- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

Our firm's policy is to provide top-level high quality legal services to our clients. We are doing our best to maintain high performance by limiting case volume. Instead of seeking short-term profits, we take cases only when the potential client sees our quality and loyalty. We fight thoroughly and zealously for our clients. Those who retain our office receive the accumulated knowledge and experience that this office built over years. We strongly believe that this kind of strong and loyal client-attorney relationship is critical for the attorney to do his best under high pressure circumstances. We do not share our innovative defense strategy or cutting-edge legal knowledge with other attorneys. We know that this is the way to show our appreciation and honor our clients for having confidence in us. Mr. Baffuto has great experience and skills that you can rely on.

We are also a law firm that defends international clients in consultation with an immigration attorney to protect their future life in America. This can be critical if you are not US citizen . We have saved many international client's American status by tailoring defenses for each client when certain convictions can affect immigration status. Our international clients appreciate Mr. Baffuto's holistic approach to their defense.