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About The Law Office Of B. Baffuto -- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

A. Law Office Of Bartholomew Baffuto-- New Jersey’s Top DWI Attorney

A-5. Loyal To Clients

My examples of sample winning cases show that we are loyal to our clients. As you see, a client charged with DWI on an alleged breath reading of 0.23 was found “Not Guilty” after being defended by this office. I make every effort to maintain such high performance. I am continually researching new lines of defense.  This office strongly believes that providing top-level DWI defenses to our clients proves our fierce loyalty to them. Necessarily, only our retaining clients can have the benefit of our innovation and dedication.

We do not accept all DWI cases. We do not charge low legal fees for a quick profit and cut short the defense. That?s not how we work. We do not take any DWI cases just to obtain short-term profits. We take cases only when we perceive that the potential client can honor this office?s quality and loyalty. Providing the best defense is our first concern. We prioritize quality over quantity.