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C. Comments From My Clients

I introduce some comments from my clients. This should give you an idea on my skills and ability as an attorney as well as who I am as a person.

?It is so difficult to find an attorney who has enormous ability with nice personality. Mr. Baffuto, I think you absolutely have both. I am glad to find such a great attorney like you. You made a difference in my life.?
---- Client, at the court after winning a DWI case in Bergen County, New Jersey

?Thank you for all of your assistance. You have been wonderful. Don?t think one moment that I take for granted how you not only visited my son, how you made the arrangements for his release.?
---- Client, Ocean County, New Jersey

?You literally saved my life. If I were convicted and deported back to my country, I would not be able to survive under the current conditions. I am so happy and relieved that I can stay in America.?
---- International client that would have been deported upon criminal conviction but I protected his immigration status in America, Passaic County, New Jersey

?I know I am in trouble, but I do not feel nervous because I know that you are taking good care of me. I feel like I can leave everything to you.?
---- On-going DWI case in Ocean County, New Jersey

?Thank you very much from my bottom of my heart.?
---- Client, Ocean County, New Jersey

?We did not win everything, but I saw how well you fought for me. I have never seen an attorney who fights so hard and well like you. It is just not possible to win every aspect, but I am glad to see how hard you worked for me.?
---- Sailor, United States, Navy

?Are you here to pick up your client? I have never seen any attorney who comes to pick up a client at 3 in the morning! I should hire you if I am in trouble. Can I have your card??
---- Lieutenant at Camden County Jail, New Jersey