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When selecting a Toms River DUI defense lawyer to handle your drunk driving case, remember that not all lawyers are of equal experience. Some have extensive experience in DWI defense, while others have limited exposure to DWI cases. It’s crucial to choose a highly experienced attorney to maximize your chances of avoiding a conviction. Our attorney fits this description. For a complimentary consultation with our DWI defense lawyer, feel free to contact us at any time of day or night. Our standard is to respond immediately or by the next day—including weekends.  We specialize in representing clients charged with driving under the influence or DUI charges.

DUI Attorney Toms River, Bartholomew Baffuto, Esquire defends clients to the fullest.

With the Firm’s headquarters on Main Street, Toms River, NJ, Bartholomew Baffuto, Esquire has defended DUI clients throughout New Jersey for more than 30 years. Attorney Baffuto’s strategic designs and tactical mastery are recognized as formidable and highly effective. Attorney Baffuto’s scientific knowledge of breath testing and Alcotest design and use are second to none among DUI Attorneys in New Jersey. The reader can see real reviews by clients of this DUI attorney Toms River in the Google Map section.

Case 1: “Not Guilty of a DUI”*

Here is one anecdote of a winning DUI case for this attorney in NJ.  He has won cases all over the state, not only in Toms River.  After challenging the State on various pre-trial issues for over a year’s time, the case was won at trial when Attorney Baffuto demonstrated that the State could not prove the time when the process of breath testing began.

*There is no guarantee of a successful result.  Each case is unique.  Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

Case 2: “Not Guilty of a DUI”*

Another example of a “Not Guilty” verdict and judgment: A client was driving at the Jersey Shore and was pulled over for an alleged improper lane change.   Based on the interaction with the officer, the client was suspected of being under the influence of a psycho-active drug.  The client did online research and decided to retain Attorney Baffuto to defend his DUI case.  After Attorney Baffuto confronted and challenged the State’s evidence, the case was adjudged “Not Guilty” in court.

*There is no guarantee of a successful result.  Each case is unique.  Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

The design of the American justice model is that of an adversarial system.  The ideal is that the defendant is presumed innocent and can stay silent unless and until the prosecutor, on behalf of the State, produces evidence sufficient to persuade the Court of proof of guilt to the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.  Defense counsel probes, attacks and tests the State’s case in the arena of trial and usually in the crucible of cross-examination.

If the defense proffers evidence then both opposing attorneys probe, attack and test the adversary’s case.

The concept is that from the clash of counsel the truth will emerge.

Attorney Baffuto seeks for THIS truth—- the State did not prove its case.

Toms River DWI Attorney

When Attorney Baffuto advises a client to challenge the State at trial he intends to win.  Not every case is successfully defended, however Attorney Baffuto cares as much— sometimes it seems more— about winning than does the client.

Thought goes into a decision to try a case— and once having decided Attorney Baffuto hates to lose.

Knowledge and experience are necessary to win but winning cases result from the passion and zeal to punch it through.  Defense of a DWI charge requires trial skill and through technical knowledge.

Nothing can be taken for granted.  A good example of this would be cases where the Alcotest cannot obtain two breath readings that agree within programmed tolerances, and the police detain an arrestee for an additional half hour to two hours or more while demanding additional, repeated breath testing.  Even worse, prosecutors at trial seek to justify this conduct and judges too frequently uphold it—despite the illegality.

All too often defense attorneys do not understand breath testing technicalities, and consequently their clients are prosecuted on unscientific, unreliable and illegal evidence.

Visit us again to see how Attorney Baffuto holds accountable the State on this issue.

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