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Who Is Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq.?

"Brilliant" Strategist As A Supreme Court DWI Defense Attorney

Not only am I one of seven defense attorneys in the State v. Chun, et al. litigation, a New Jersey DWI Supreme Court case affecting over 10,000 cases in the entire state, but I AM THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY THAT FORMULATED THE DEFENSE STRATEGY FOR THIS DWI SUPREME COURT LITIGATION. The entire strategy for the defense team was called "brilliant" by other defense attorneys. The defense attorneys aggressively, perhaps viciously, cross-examined State's expert witnesses based upon my strategy. I was considered as "an architect of this litigation" since I designed the framework of the strategy for the defense team. As a result, the defense gained impressively favorable findings from Judge Michael P. King, Special Master. As explained in Findings from "Chun" , my defense strategy and cross-examination of witnesses contributed materially to these findings.