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Point System in New Jersey

New Jersey uses a motor vehicle point system, in which each moving violation is assigned with zero or a certain number of points depending on the degree of seriousness of a violation. When you are convicted for certain charges, you will then have points in your driving history. Such history is monitored by insurance companies and will probably affect your automobile insurance premiums. Your personal characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, how often you use your car, etc. are the determinants of your auto insurance premiums in order to calculate risk. In addition to said factors, points from driving history are another important factor used to determine so-called risk.

The cost of automobile insurance is increasing these days. If you would like to keep your insurance costs as low as possible, you can at least keep driving points off your record simply because the higher the points you carry, an insurance company will likely consider you as a higher risk driver. It is not possible to change other factors such as age or sex, but you can, of course, have control of your driving history. In order to keep your points low, a good motor vehicle attorney such as myself can be of help.

Points are not the only penalty you may face. Some convictions can put you in jail. Others can take your driving privilege away for limited time or ultimately. You should retain a motor vehicle attorney to have the best chance to avoid such consequences.