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Motor Vehicle (MV) Charges in New Jersey

Not To Have Automobile Liability Insurance Is A Very Serious Offense

One of the most serious motor vehicle charges in New Jersey is that of carrying no motor vehicle insurance. You can receive a summons for this charge when you do not insure your vehicle and then drive. You can also be summonsed with this charge when you do not carry an insurance card in the vehicle. If you are a second offender and get convicted, you will probably go to jail and lose your driving privilege for two (2) years.A sentence of prisonment for the second time conviction is mandatory and you have to file a special application to get your driving privilege back after the two year suspension is finished. There is no guarantee of re-instatement of the driving privilege. One significant aspect of this charge is that the sentence will not be downgraded no matter how much the time passes by. In other words, if you are convicted once for this charge and get charged again a second time, you will be sentenced as a second offender even if the first conviction is 20 years old. Since you can easily forget to renew your automobile insurance or place your card in your vehicle, it is extremely important to fight this charge all the way and not to be convicted.

If you are ever charged with no automobile liability insurance in New Jersey, contact the New Jersey motor vehicle attorney Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq. immediately. We will fight your case all the way. I HAVE NEVER LOST ONE