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DWI and Criminal Cases

All traffic violations have consequences in New Jersey–especially if the violation is a DUI.  Penalties and collateral consequences for DUI range from fines to imprisonment, loss of driving privileges, surcharges levied as a civil penalty, prohibitively expensive car insurance premiems, etc.

Without exceptionally good legal representation you’re almost certain to be convicted. That’s why DUI offenders need more than an attorney: accused drunk drivers necessarily must retain the best DUI attorney in NJ for legal counsel and to mitigate the risks of an otherwise all–but–certain conviction.

Qualities Which Clients Find in Attorney Bartholomew Baffuto:

Great Communication Skills

An attorney should have excellent communication skills to survive and succeed in the legal profession. Attorney Baffuto knows what not to say, what to say and when to say it, and cross-examines based on what a witness does say and does not say.

Sound Judgment

Attorney Baffuto has consistently demonstrated sound judgment over a long and distinguished career defending accused drunk drivers.  Time and again such naturally intuitive decision-making—honed by long experienced—has proven a great asset when  forced to draw logical conclusions from limited raw data. Additionally, such experienced judgment enables Lawyer Baffuto to identify viable courses of action, formulate winning strategies, and devise effective negotiation and trial tactics.

Research Skills

Good lawyers can find more information from different sources with limited data. With excellent research skills lawyers can safeguard the interests of clients.  Mr. Baffuto is an exceptionally effective researcher and idea generator.  Greater knowledge is greater effectiveness.

Logical Thinking

Every sound judgement is based on logic.  Attorneys should work logically at all times.  Mr. Baffuto can and does.  Logic, while necessary, is not sufficient.  Attorney Baffuto defends clients zealously and with a winning attitude.  He simply hates to lose, and clients often remark that he cares about their cases as much as they do.

Listening Skills

As a lawyer, it would be difficult to win any case without understanding your client, and the facts surrounding their case. Good lawyers leverage listening skills to cross-examine witnesses and identify areas of weakness in the State’s case.

Defenses for DUI in New Jersey

Defense issues, tactics and strategies vary depending on the circumstances surrounding any case. However, the following are some of the potential defenses for a DUI in NJ:

State Must Establish the Fact of Breath Test Instrument Inspection and Certifications

At trial the State not infrequently fails to prove inspection and certification of breath testing instruments (in NJ only the Alcotest 7110 is employed).  When such missteps happen, the breath testing results will not be admissible at trial.

Procedural Errors

The State Police technician verifying Alcotest calibration must have been trained and certified to do so and provide credentials which are current.  The officer administering breath testing must have been trained and certified to do so and provide credentials which are current.  The testing officer must perform breath testing in accordance with required procedure.  Failure by the State to prove adherence to all requirements and safeguards often means such evidence may not be used at trial. 

Constitutional Violations

The U.S constitution lays down the rules for making arrests and traffic stops. When these rights are violated, you use that as a defence

 How to Identify a Formidable DUI Defense Attorney in NJ

Look at:

Clients’ reviews.

Success rate.

Online presence.

The choice of a DUI attorney is key to the outcome of a DUI charge.

Talk to Attorney Bartholomew Baffuto.

You will know.