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Convicted? How To Reverse It

Post Conviction Relief (PCR)

Post Conviction Relief, often called PCR, is re-opening your previous case. After you were convicted for DWI, if you want to re-open your case, you have this option. However, PCR is not available or indicated for all cases. You should have good legal reasons or issues why you need to re-open your case. There are sometimes strategic reasons to do PCR on DWI cases. If you have prior convictions, contact the New Jersey DWI attorney Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq. to explore your chances to re-open your previous DWI case and possibly to reverse your DWI conviction.

PCR is a two-stage process. First, you need to request to re-open your case and be approved. PCR is not available in every case. Second, if your case is approved, you will have to try the case. If your attorney successfully defends your DWI case, you may be able to reverse your prior conviction. A five-year time limitation usually applies to most cases. That means you can usually request a PCR for cases that are up to five (5) years old. You count 5 years from the date that you got convicted not when you were arrested. In some cases, courts may allow a hearing on a PCR for a case older than five (5) years. PCR can take some time for any DWI attorney to evaluate each individual case. If you are interested in PCR, you should plan ahead. You will need all documents about your previous case including the sentencing sheet. If you are interested, gather all documents about your case. If you do not have them, contact your previous attorney and ask him or her to send them to you. I can request prior documents for you, but it will take time for the court to retrieve and send those.