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Attention: Those Who Were Breath Tested on Alcotest 7110 and Convicted for DWI in New Jersey

If you were convicted for DWI following breath testing on an Alcotest 7110 with your breath reading entered into evidence, you should contact this office immediately.

Based on our experience, some clients were tested when the instrument was functioning in a non-complaint manner as defined by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Certain conditions of Alcotest functionality can be examined only when we look into digital records downloaded from the instrument. The reality is that many defendants did not have access to digital downloads of Alcotest records, and many attorneys do not use digital records to defend their clients.

If you were convicted and your breath reading was entered into evidence, please contact this office. You may benefit by pursuing Post Conviction Relief (PCR), a petition to open your prior case.

If your petition were granted, you might be able to exclude the breath reading from evidence and possibly reverse the conviction because of non-compliant functionality of the instrument.

Please have your records (e.g., police reports, court forms, etc) available when contacting this office.

This law firm developed this cutting-edge defense. As of now, it seems that only Mr. Baffuto’s clients have benefited from this new discovery.

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