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Non-US Citizens

Q. I am a green card holder and recently got arrested for a DWI in New Jersey. Would the court know that I am not a US-citizen?

A. Yes, it can. The New Jersey Attorney General?s Office recently announced that the defendant?s immigration status can be checked through ICE through the prosecutor. In addition, a New Jersey DWI arrest report has a section inquiring whether the defendant is a US-citizen or not. The State of New Jersey incorporates multiple ways to check defendant?s immigration status. This office has been defending many international clients with a consultation with an immigration attorney to protect their future life in America. Contact this office if you are a non-US citizen and get arrested for a DWI.

Q. I have a green card and I was drunk and driving the other day. When I was told to stop by the police, I was so afraid of being arrested that I did not stop the vehicle for a while. I was summoned with DWI and other multiple tickets including a big green sheet. I am charged with eluding. What should I do?

A. You should immediately contact this office. Eluding the police is a criminal charge in New Jersey. If you are convicted for this charge, you are facing prison and may not be able to stay in America any more depending on the records of conviction. When the person is convicted, the record of conviction can be entered into NCIC, a national criminal database and much information about you will be shared and matched with other types of database all over America. You can be deported, rejected to re-enter America at the airport, rejected to renew your permanent residency (green card) depending on the situation. It is extremely important to defend your case in a consultation with an immigration attorney. You should never choose the attorney who is not aware of consequences of certain convictions on immigration status. This office has saved many international clients? lives in America by tailoring the defense based upon the clients? immigration status and needs.

Q. I am a non-US citizen and got arrested for DWI. Does my arrest affect my immigration status?

A. This is a very complicated issue when you are arrested for the offense with jail time exposure. I need to see all the documents you have. We are a law firm in New Jersey that works in a consultation with an immigration attorney for international clients. If you are non-US citizen, read "Non-US Citizens Should Know Immigration Consequences"