Defense of New Jersey
DWI and Criminal Cases

As a kid you probably got in trouble a couple of times for breaking the rules that your parents had asked you to abide by and in some cases you may have been able to present a good enough case to get a ‘pass’ on the consequences. While this method may have worked as a kid it is not advisable to try and handle the judicial system in the same way. Instead, you need to find a top quality New Jersey lawyer that concentrates on driving infractions to represent you and defend your case.

There are several excellent reasons for obtaining legal representation when you are facing charges of DWI, DUI, driving underage or other motor vehicle charges. New Jersey lawyers know and understand the laws of the state along with optimal strategies and defenses and what arguments have worked before. This State has different laws as to charges and penalties varying somewhat with age, classification of driver’s license and whether you are a repeat offender or not.

When looking for the right lawyer to hire it is helpful to use the Internet. You need to hire a lawyer that has a record of successfully wining these types of cases and has introduced ground-breaking defense arguments. It is a good sign if the attorney works with individuals of all immigration statuses. No one ever plans to get into this kind of trouble but when it happens you need to know what to do and whom to call and have them on your side as soon as possible. You might be surprised at the details you are able to provide that can help resolve your case quickly and effectively in the court. One of the reasons your arguments worked as a kid is because you knew how to read and affect your parents but you don’t know the players in the court system so you don’t have this advantage. However, your attorney does and as much as the law reigns supreme, it is helpful to know the personalities and viewpoints of those making the final decisions.

Don’t wait until you get into trouble and have to settle for second best when you can have the name of the right lawyer tucked in your ‘back pocket’ just in case. You can also help friends and family out by giving them recommendations based on your research or personal experience with New Jersey DWI Laws!