Defense of New Jersey
DWI and Criminal Cases

No one likes to think about having to go to court and stand before a judge and/or jury and have their fate determined by strangers. It can be very comforting and reassuring when you have a legal representative standing by your side that can argue and fight your case. One of the qualities of a great lawyer is the fact that they prepare—and prepare you— for all the scenarios that could happen throughout the process from the beginning to the end.

Attorneys understand how valuable it can be to have the right information before something happens so that if the event takes place, you already know what to do. This is why they strive to make their websites as informative as possible and let potential clients know what the New Jersey penalties are for DUI, DWI, etc. They also discuss what you should and should not do at the time you are pulled over and booked on these charges. Their advice is to call them as soon as you can in order to discuss the details while they are still fresh in your mind and to put together a plan of action for the upcoming case.

If you have to go to court then they will not only be with you but will also provide guidance on what to do, how to dress and what you may need to bring that will assist your case. It is necessary to always be on time, never miss a date, be courteous and dress appropriately in clothes that show you understand the severity of the situation. You can be an asset in defense of the case based on how you act, talk and address the court so give your attorney all the support they need to secure a win!

New Jersey DUI penalties will vary based on the charges, circumstances and whether you are a repeat offender or not but in some cases the attorney may be able to defend the charge so that there is nothing on your record to mar your reputation. The details matter and following your experienced attorney’s advice in the process is critical in securing a favorable verdict. As scary and intimidating as a court appearance can be, jail (if applicable) is even worse especially if you are young and this is your first time of getting in trouble. The goal is to avoid these situations at all costs but if you make a mistake and are arrested then you have to be prepared with the name of a New Jersey DUI attorney that is going to fight for your rights every step of the way.