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Dealing with the ramifications of domestic abuse claims can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining experience. In New Jersey, such allegations can disrupt one’s life in profound ways. This article aims at providing insights into legal aspects and strategies for defense.

Motivations for domestic abuse allegations are myriad, such as personal vendettas, to attempts to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings to a genuine fear.  Having the right legal support is crucial. Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto has been at the forefront of fighting against domestic violence and criminal charges in New Jersey for decades. They possess the resources and expertise needed.

What Makes Someone a Victim of Domestic Violence?

The law defines a victim of domestic violence as a spouse, live-in partner, family member or romantic partner who has suffered physical or mental harm inflicted by another in such relationship to the victim. Perpetrators must meet specific criteria, including, e.g.,

  • Committing sexual, physical, or verbal abuse.
  • Engaging in harassment, such as threats or stalking, even after the relationship ends.

It is crucial to understand that these definitions form the basis for domestic violence claims. Respond effectively when accused by immediately consulting an attorney.

A Restraining Order

If someone has accused you of domestic violence, the legal process can feel like a whirlwind. You may first become aware of the allegations through the issuance and service of a temporary restraining order (TRO). This document outlines the accusations against you and imposes immediate restrictions.

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act dictates that the accused cannot contact or come close to the plaintiff, pending a final hearing. It is a challenging period that can have far-reaching consequences.

Defending in Court

When the day in court arrives, preparation is key. Everyone would be well advised to retain a domestic violence lawyer in NJ. If the plaintiff’s claims lack substantial evidence, exculpatory evidence can be the linchpin for defense. Visual evidence in the form of videos and photos, if relevant, can also be impactful.  An attorney would decide what to proffer.

An Alternative Approach: Civil Restraints

To alleviate the inherent financial burdens and minimize risk of an adverse result, attorneys often propose civil restraints as an alternative to a restraining order during the legal proceedings. This approach is often favored in cases of domestic abuse claims, as it eliminates the need for a protracted legal battle.

Under this agreement, the plaintiff receives documentation stipulating promised behavior. Importantly, these terms remain flexible and can be modified, amended, or annulled as agreed upon by both parties.

In the unfortunate event of a loss in court, the consequences can be severe. A final restraining order and placement in the domestic violence registry can cast a shadow over divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and life in general. During these trying times, you need a reliable and experienced domestic violence attorney. At the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto, we will help you fight domestic violence allegations and work towards clearing your name.

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